Who are we?

We have 18 years experience in the field of dentistry, and we are specialists in the most important areas of oral diseases.

Our approach is that:

Our patients have always been very interested in prevention programmes and the results have been very successful.

Unfortunately, not every tooth can be saved. In these cases we offer you various therapeutical alternatives, beginning with the conventional therapy to the most modern ones.

Our clinic is equipped with a modern dental unit and as we attach a great importance to hygiene, the sterilization equipment is very effective for protection against the Hepatitis virus and the AIDS virus.

The materials  we use, are of the highest quality and are imported from Germany, the UK, France and the USA.

We also offer an emergency service on Sundays, denture repairs in less than one day and visits to patients who are unable to walk or who are hospitalized.

Where necessary, we can organize transport to our clinic.

As we speak different languages, including English, German, French and Spanish, you will have no difficulty in consulting us concerning your treatment.

You can visit or call us and we will only be to glad to answer any questions you may have or advice you may need.

Phone 952 57 51 73

Fax  952 57 51 74

Mobile 609 58 02 68

e-mail: r.stern@clinica-dental-estrella.info